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Hello one and all

Here we are in early July and – unless I’ve missed something – summer weather has been in pretty short supply in the East Midlands so far. Still, we live in hope that the sun will make a more sustained appearance very soon.

The weather almost – but fortunately not quite – spoiled an outdoor party at which we played last week. It rained heavily just as folks were arriving but luckily did not last for long. We were playing in a gazebo so we stayed dry. Our audience took shelter in an open-fronted barn so we serenaded them across thirty feet of lawn until the rain stopped and they came to sit at the picnic tables !

Our next public engagement will be on the evening of Friday 29th of July at a delightful venue, the Caunton Beck pub and restaurant, in Caunton village, just north of Newark. Do come along for an evening of good food and good music.

Enjoy your summer. All the very best for now,

Len and the guys of Litesidelogo